Esperanza Resort

Many times when we travel I am much more interested in the activities and sights to see rather than the accommodations.  I have often said to myself, “As long as it has a shower, hot water, and bed I am good to go.”  I mean, who wants to spend money on a hotel room where all you do is hang your hat at the end of the day?

Mostly I say this because I travel on a budget.  But for our last trip to Mexico, I was a guest of my father and step-mom, and they like to travel in style.  And I have to admit, going somewhere where the accommodations are a destination in and of themselves is so renewing!  Everywhere you look there is beauty.  The beds are actually made to  sleep in comfortably.  I took showers any time I felt like it, because the SHOWER was even a destination.  The shower itself was about as big as my bathroom at home, with two showerheads, and a view to outside.  The pools were fantastic, the views amazing……ahhhhhh.   But hands down, the BEST thing about Esperanza was the never-ending supply of clean, fluffy, huge white bath towels. That I did not have to launder.  Catch that?  I could use as many clean towels as I wanted and I didn’t have to wash them.  Everyone in our party of 21 (including lots of little kiddos) enjoyed the views, comfort, and amenities of this lovely resort.   It was very HOT while we were there, but who cares when you have an endless supply of infinity pools?

I will take you on a tour of the lovely Esperanza grounds.

This was the view from the balcony of our unit.


The variety of trees, flowers, and plants was like a science lesson.

Beautiful flowers on the grounds.

Beautiful flowers on the grounds

I love this decorated tree.

Whimsical heart tree.

Whimsical heart tree.

The pools were warm (some said too warm–but they were perfect for me), and they seemed to go forever because of all the overflow edges (hence the name Infinity Pool).

Infinity Pool and Villas

Infinity Pool and Villas

"Quiet Pool" (Adults only) with a view of the ocean.

“Quiet Pool” (Adults only) with a view of the ocean.

One of the many lounge pools to enjoy.

One of the many lounge pools to enjoy.

The last night we were there many of the grown ups went down after dark to the “quiet pool” and we ordered Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris from the Swim Up Bar. Having never ordered anything from a swim up bar, this was on my bucket list.  There is something pretty decadent about sipping a delicious drink while floating about.

Swim up Bar

Swim up Bar

A short stroll from the pools was the beach.  It was not a great beach for swimming or building sandcastles, since it was so rocky, but it was beautiful.

Walkway to beach.

Walkway to beach.



There were crabs all over the beach, especially in the early morning.



Pelicans were also a common sight–they would often fly in formations over the resort–quite a sight to see!




Nighttime was magical–quiet, but still warm and fragrant from all the flowers.  The kids were in bed, and we could enjoy the views, play games, and act like sillies in the pool.

Esperanza from our room at night.

Esperanza from our room at night.

Esperanza in Cabo is an experience I will never forget.  I will always have great memories of me and my siblings (along with my older children and hubby) as we ran from pool to pool after dark, jumping or belly flopping into each one.  Good times……..




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