Big Thunder Jamboree in Frontierland

I am still a Disneyland fanatic.  That hasn’t changed.  I know it is kind of unreasonable, but hey, we all have things about ourselves that are unexplainable, right?

One of the newer locations in Disneyland that we have really enjoyed is the Big Thunder Jamboree which is tucked away in Frontierland.  There is a huge area with a stage that now showcases Billy Hill and the Hillbillies–they moved from the Golden Horseshoe.  This is also the spot where visiting performing groups, often youth groups, perform in between Billy Hill shows.  The area is open and inviting, with tables set up along the perimeter stocked with crayons and coloring pages.  It is usually less crowded, and listening to music and watching shows while coloring is totally relaxing.  Additionally, it is a great place to play with characters.  I have seen congo lines and much character frivoloty back there.  I even observed Goofy coloring with kids for a good half hour.  So fun.

With Frontier Minnie

With Frontier Minnie

Everyone needs a picture with Big Al from the Country Bears

Another great feature of this area is Big Thunder Ranch BBQ which is quite possibly the best deal and most delicious food in the park.  All you can eat rib, chicken, coleslaw, beans, and cornbread.  They just keep bringing the buckets until you shout “uncle.”  They lose money on us.  I mean, look at those teenage boys we bring with us.  They eat their weight in ribs.  The meat on the ribs just falls off the bone, the sauce is sweet and perfectly spicy, the cornbread is light, and I adore the coleslaw which has a spicy vinegar dressing rather than the typical mayo flavors.  Big Thunder Ranch BBQ, The Traveling Humanist,

Usually we are too full for dessert but last time we were there we ordered this amazing concoction.  A warm, gooey brownie, toasted homemade marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate syrup.

S'more Brownies the Disney Way

S’more Brownies the Disney Way

Also in Frontierland is one of everyone’s favorite rider: Thunder Mountain!  It’s the rootinist, tootinist ride in the west!


Going up the hill!

Going up the hill!

Ah man…..wishing we still had passes.  Another year maybe!


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