Goodbye to Summer

Not only goodbye to Summer, but goodbye to fall too. We woke up to 4 inches of snow, which by mid-morning, was 6 inches of snow.  Snow it all right, but in my opinion, better saved for the months of December, January, and February.  Unfortunately, in this mini-Tundra, snow is often a reality from October to June.  Winter is so cold and so very long that when the first storm hits I feel a sense of impending doom.  I know what is coming……and it is not my favorite.  I do pretty well until about mid-January or so, and then I am ready for sunshine again.  So today I thought I would post some beautiful pictures my husband took while he went on an adventure with the kids to Yellowstone last month.  I was away at Miraval, so they went on this adventure sans Mom.

I love how the trees are reflected in the water

The lone bison posing for a picture, Queen’s Laundry area

When I saw this picture of my daughter taking a picture in the distance, I was reminded of this lovely piece of art by Wyeth called “Christina’s World.”  I have seen this painting in the MOMA in New York City and I love it.

Beautiful amber waves…..

The hot pools create such interesting colors

My son took these next two pictures–such interesting light and framing.

Bacterial Mats and the Autumn sky

I love the vibrant red in this mat

One of the amazing things about Yellowstone is observing all the nuances in geologic features, colors, and natural landscape.

Grand Prismatic Spring

The World is such an amazing spectacle.  Even covered in white, as I am sure Yellowstone is as of today.  Farewell, dear Yellowstone.  We look forward to seeing you again next year.


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