Hidden gem in Gillette, WY

We are just finishing up our Road Trip Extravaganza 2012, and boy do I have a lot to write about! My reality, however, is that I have a lot of Olympics to catch up on and a Mt. St. Helen’s pile of laundry to do when I get home. So while the experience is fresh I thought I would quickly blog about this delicious breakfast we just snarfed.

We started out by “accidentally” missing our “complimentary continental breakfast” at our budget hotel. After ten days on the road, none of us could face cheap yogurt, generic cereal, or packaged sweet rolls one more time. We try hard to skimp and eat at the hotel most of the time, but that can be a bummer when we all adore breakfast. And let’s face it–most hotel breakfasts are barely palatable. At least at budget hotels. Too bad “continental” does not mean sliced cheeses, hot pastries, and fresh fruit like it does is Europe. Or too bad the breakfasts are not like some of the ones we had in India–huge spreads European style with Indian soups and beans. No, American continental breakfasts are processed carbs that taste like cardboard. But I digress. Now you know our motivation for no longer subjecting ourselves to cardboard.

We found a place called the Main Street Bagel Company right in the vicinity of our hotel. New York style bagels. In Wyoming. I was doubtful, but why not? One of the saddest things, I think, are the vast quantities of bad bagels that are available in the world. Nothing beats a chewy, fresh baked bagel.

Once inside, we decided to get bagels for the road as we were so tempted by the breakfast menu written in chalk on a board by the register.

I mean really, who could pass up sweet roll French toast? We couldn’t.

The French toast was eggy and custardy, just like a good French toast should be. Of course, it goes without saying that the sweet roll had to be very tasty in the first place. I couldn’t resist the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich. Sweet roll French toast, egg, fresh sliced spiral cut ham, real cheddar, served with a raspberry sauce. Rather than the entire sandwich being breaded and then fried, I liked this version very much. It was absolutely delicious. I am already scheming…..I gotta make these at home. But first I would have to have some day old sweet rolls. And that never happens. Whenever I make sweet rolls they disappear in a few hours. Teenage boys can do monstrous damage to a pan of sweet rolls.

For the road we ordered a dozen mixed bagels with cream cheeses. They sliced them for us and wrapped the savory ones in paper so the flavors wouldn’t mingle. I was impressed with the care and professionalism of this family establishment.

For lunch on the road we pulled out those bagels and boy were they good. Chewy like a pretzel on the outside, soft and dense on the outside. My favorite was the crunchy cinnamon that was covered with rock sugar on the outside and slathered with a buttery cinnamon coating. The jalapeño cheddar flavor was also particularly tasty. My daughter was tickled to have a chocolate flavor. Not sweet, just rich with cocoa.

While traveling in the US it can be disappointing to just see the same old chains from city to city. So boring! And generally, the food is so mediocre. It was awesome to experience a unique family run business. I personally think that is one of the best things about travel. We always try to seek out the best of each city we visit.

Congrats Main Street Bagel Company! You have a new fan in Idaho. If I ever have the pleasure of visiting Gillette again, I will be sure to stop be with an empty stomach.



4 thoughts on “Hidden gem in Gillette, WY

  1. Hello! Gillette local here, and let me tell you, your article fills me with hometown pride. I remember when the Main Bagel first opened and everyone went nuts for it, and they have only gotten better over the years! One of the things I missed most when I went off to the Navy (besides my family) was this little eatery. Now that I’m back in town I eat there as much as possible, never gets boring (I wish you could of tried their pastrami bagel sandwich). Thanks again and keep traveling.

    -Seth H.

    • We were just reminiscing about this great little place the other day. Sadly, nowhere to get amazing bagels where I live. Guess I gotta head back over! Thanks for stopping by!

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