Tribute to women in Historic Nauvoo

Behind the visitor’s center in Historic Nauvoo is a beautiful garden with statuary dedicated to pioneer women of God. Nauvoo is in western Illinois, and is home to a small community founded by Mormon pioneers in the 19th century. Today it is a historical preservation area. As you visit you can get a real taste of 19th century life and enjoy shows and the wonderful Nauvoo pageant. This afternoon we strolled about viewing the lush gardens while listening to the sounds of the Nauvoo Band. The Nauvoo Band is staffed by young people who donate four summer months to provide atmosphere and entertainment to visitors. Today they played a selection of historic hymns, which added a spirit of reflection to the gardens. Our schedule was tight, but I still managed to snap a few pictures.

Joseph and Emma Smith

Woman in prayer

Woman Learning

Extending the hand of charity

First steps

At Play

Following in her footsteps

Raising a son

I thought these statues were so lovely. These pioneer women generally didn’t make strides in science, medicine, or politics, but they quietly lived to the fullest–raising families and braving trails. They may not be well known to many, but they were more brave than I could ever be dealing with daily challenges that I rarely have to even think about. I thought it was a poignant tribute; knowing of my pioneer heritage made it even more so.


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