Hawaiian Nostalgia–Zip-lining in the SUN!

I will freely admit it.

I don’t really care for winter.  Today we are getting our first real snow storm of the season (finally!).  It is fluffy.  It looks really pretty. Everything is awash in fresh whiteness.  My daughter will come home from school and want to sled or make a snowman.  And it is completely wasted on me.  Today, as I slushed around town in my clunky boots, slid all over the goopy mess in my van, I fondly remembered our last trip to Hawaii–which was last winter.

I find I like winter better if I can leave in the middle of it.  The longer the better. In fact, my survival sometimes seems to depend on it.  Seriously, how many gray days does this California girl have to endure?  Apparently a lot.

Enough of that.  I started my blog after our Hawaii trip and just have not gotten to it yet.  I see many Hawaii posts in the near future.  That way, I can vicariously enjoy the warmth and sun.

I have been to Hawaii a couple of times before, but this time we did something new to us–we went zip-lining!  We went with a lovely zip-lining company that was in the vicinity of our resort in Maui.  It was a lovely day, the sun was shining, and what better way is there to experience the exotic lushness of Hawaii except to cruise above it?  You go to Hawaii to enjoy the lovely outdoors, and I thought this was a perfect way to do it.  You get some exercise, you get a thrill, and you get a beautiful view.

If you have small children in your party be aware that many zip-lining companies do not permit children under 10.  So small children stayed home with the Queen of Motion Sickness (aka my sister).

Here we are getting our gear situated:

Suiting up!

After that, we got in a mini-bus with our van to go up into the mountains.  Or volcanoes, most likely.  Our guide was awesome.  His name was Bucky.  If you have ever wondered what would happen if California, Hawaii, an REI model and some hippies had a baby, it would be Bucky.  He was awesomely hilarious and a great guide.

It also happened to be Bucky’s last day, so other employees felt compelled to periodically smash guava into his shirt, pants, or hair.  Apparently this was some type of ancient Hawaiian zip-lining farewell ritual.  Someone even stuck whole guavas into the zip-line so when he would follow us down, he would be met at the station with a guava explosion.  It was fun to watch.  Let’s just say I am glad it wasn’t my last day!  Bucky was covered all over in sticky guava.

*A quick thought.  What would we do here in Idaho?  Smash people with potatoes?*

After we arrived further up in the universe, we then walked to the highest point so we could begin our zip line descent.

Here we are hanging out on one of the arrival platforms

We all took turns in pairs getting ready to descend.

This is my oldest boy. He always looks very at home in outdoor settings.

Bucky wanted us to turn around and wave so he could get the typical cheesy tourist shots. We were happy to comply.

Here is my brother and sister-in-law. I love this photo because it shows my brother's true self (crazy!)

Here are my boys heading down:


Part of the fun was slamming into the station at the bottom.

After the hiking and climbing, they fed us a snack.  Here we are lounging before heading on our way again.

My dad, my kids, my brothers, and SIL

I would love to do this again sometime.

How about now?  As in this very second?

Thanks.  Don’t mind if I do.

How about you?  Anyone enjoy this activity anywhere else?  Where are other must zip-line locations?


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