Disneyland Decks the Halls

There are many things I love.  Isn’t it a wonderful world we live in where there are so many things to love?  As you already know, I love Disneyland.  What you might not know is that I absolutely adore Christmas decorations.  I have two complete sets of Christmas decorations in contrasting colors.  I even coordinate my wrapping.  I love to go to festive places during the holidays and soak in that Christmas-y feeling.  The lights are magical, the music serene, and I love to absorb the atmosphere of general goodwill.

So, it would stand to reason that one of the most magical of Christmas places would be Disneyland, since they routinely go overboard in just about every way.  Over the top–yes, but they do it with class, symmetry, and beauty.  And lots and lots of $$$$$.

We had the enormous pleasure of going to Disneyland right after finals (boy was I ever in a hurry to submit grades) and before Christmas.  We went with some dear friends, new friends, and even met up with my brother and his family who have been away at medical school.  We have missed them so much, so where better to have a reunion than at the happiest place on earth?  I converted my brother to Disneyland a couple of years ago.  He was convinced it was just over-priced stupidity.  But after his little guy met Minnie Mouse the first time we went together and nearly wept with joy (I kid you not–this little four year old had shining eyes of joy), all my brother had to do was look at his little boy’s eyes and he was sunk.  He has been an addict ever since, and is always game to figure out how to go back.

So excited!

But, I digress.  Needless to say, despite the sometimes almost unmanageable crowds, we had a simply marvelous time.  In another post I will outline some of the seasonal activities and treats you can’t miss.  Today I thought I would just give you a picture tour of Disneyland’s Decked Halls.

Members of the Disneyland Band greet guests as they enter the park by playing Christmas carols.

The extraordinarily huge tree that greets guests at the top of Main St.

Classic Disney Detailing: the further up on the tree, the smaller the ornaments, to add illusion to the fact that it is already a huge tree

This Santa ornament deserved a close-up

One of several Mickey wreaths that you can see over Main St.

Every nook and cranny is decorated along Main St.

Now for the Main St. decorations in context

Main Street all lit up at night on the way out of the park

Lampost in Critter Country

Another festive lamp

Lovely wreath over by Big Thunder Mountain

One of several decorated pioneer carts at Big Thunder Ranch

Wooden reindeer at the Reindeer Round Up

All sorts of interesting decorative details at the Reindeer Roundup

Wreath in Fantasy Land

Sleeping Beauty's Castle with innumerable twinkling lights

As a final tribute, here is a lovely shot of the “Partners” statue surrounded by a forest of poinsettias.

Walt the Dreamer......

My next post will be devoted to a few events at Disneyland that take place over the holidays.  So amazingly fun!  Stay tuned…..


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