24 Hours in Paris

24 hours in Paris. Not nearly enough, but as a literal flight layover on the way home, you couldn’t ask for a better place to hang your hat for the evening.

I went to Paris last year as well, for an entire week. Again, not nearly long enough, but this trip was even shorter! We arrived around lunchtime, and were able to get settled in our Marriott hotel in the Sant Denis area. This is a bit on the outskirts of Paris, but it was a convenient subway ride into the heart of the city. Before we hopped on the subway though, we headed over to Sant Denis, a gem of a cathedral which was very close to our hotel.

I like this cathedral because it is smaller than many of the gargantuan Gothic cathedrals, but it was the first Gothic cathedral, designed by Abbot Suger. This was the first cathedral to utilize the pointed vaults, flying buttresses, and extensive stained glass windows that become the hallmark characteristic of French Gothic. It has been recently restored, and is so bright and lovely inside.

Here is the exterior. The architects of the Middle Ages embraced asymmetry.

The beautiful, light interior.

I also enjoy this cathedral because it is so seeped in history. It is the burial place of the French Kings. They are literally buried there in the cathedral is above ground alcoves or down in the crypt. There are many statues there that stand as monuments for those who have passed.

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

St. Denis himself holding his head

After visiting the church we went to the Luxembourg Gardens. I think this is one of the prettiest places in Paris. There are statues everywhere, fountains, flowers, trees, and much more. The gardens are full of people visiting and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. This is where we finally proved that little baby Ellie was actually with us, unlike this post here.
Ellie in Paris:

Her cute little Parisian style outfit:

For dinner we went to L’Entrecote. This was an amazing place to eat! All they serve is steak cooked to your preference and thin cut fries. That sounds pretty everyday, but they serve the steak with this sauce that is outrageously delicious. Rumor has it the sauce is made from chicken livers, fresh herbs, and dijon mustard. It was tempting to lick it right off the plate. As you are eating the servers come and offer you even more steak and fries.

Funny story: my Dad was under the impression is was “all-you-care-to-eat,” so the big eaters in my group were up for more. But apparently you can have seconds, but not thirds. All the guys in the group were charged a second plate! Whoops. Luckily my Dad picked up the bill, because this was not cheap. Thanks Pop!

The best part of the meal was yet to come, however. They may only serve salad, steak, and fries for dinner, but they serve about 25 different desserts. We all ordered a variety so we could pass and share. They were all delicious. The French know how to make desserts worth gaining for.


This one was similar except raspberry flavor.

Now for some chocolate drenched ice cream pastry puffs

A crips shortbread cookie with lemon and strawberry
After dinner we had to take my brother and my son to a few sites. Paris, the city of lights, is beautiful at night. After all, can you admit to going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel tower?

We waited and watched for the Eiffel tower to turn on the twinkling lights. So lovely.
So yes, it was a whirlwind trip. But where better to be than in Paris if you only have 24 hours? Where would you have a long layover?


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  1. That looks wonderful! Some of your posts will let me write comments Jess, but some will not. It might be the ones without previous comments that won’t let me make the first one but I can’t prove that yet 🙂 more testing needed.

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