Disney Pin Collecting

My daughter likes to collect things.

Bits of paper.

Leads she has pulled out of pencils.

Japanese Erasers.


Some of the collections I have encouraged.  Others I have thrown away when she was not looking.

The first year we got an annual pass to Disneyland, she collected autographs and pictures of all the characters.  She filled up two entire albums.  Here are a few of my favorites:

With Pluto

I guess Mr. Rabbit wasn't too terribly late today

She waited a very long time to get a picture with these two favorites from Nightmare Before Christmas

So when we went to Disneyland just last week, her collection instincts started to kick in.  I thought for sure she would want another pair of ears, or another autograph album to fill up.  By her own calculations, she had pretty much gotten autographs from every character in the park.  Time to start a new collection.  With her birthday gift card from Grandma, she decided to take up pin collecting.

I have to admit.  Maybe I will collect pins too!  They are so cute!

You start by getting a starter kit that comes with a lanyard and a set of pins.  Then you keep and eye out for a Disney employee sporting pins on a lanyard and you trade trade trade!  The rule is that if a Disney employee is approached by a guest, they must make a trade if the pin offered is a certified Disney pin and not a duplicate of what pins the employee already has. Guests are also welcome to trade pins with each other, as long as no money is ever offered or accepted.  Whipping out cash in a pin trade transaction can get you kicked out of the park!

This is the perfect activity for my extroverted, collecting daughter.  She gets to collect something while meeting and interacting with new people.  By the time she left the park she only had two of her original pins.  She even traded with another little boy while waiting in line.

I am also thrilled with the idea of having some motivation for the completion of jobs and piano practice!  I am sure if she has the reward of saving towards new pins she will find all sorts of “up and at ’em” she never knew she had.

If you have children who like to collect and they are not too shy, this is the perfect vacation activity.  You can pin trade in any Disney resorts as well as the cruise line.  The pins are small, not terribly expensive, adorable, and provide you with opportunities to interact with other Disney fans.

Here she is sporting her pin-covered lanyard

Here is her cute little weight for the lanyard--Steamboat Willy!

Thanks Grandma!


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