Cafe Orleans in Disneyland

When we are ready to rest our feet for a while and we want to do so while eating a delicious lunch or dinner, we like to go to Cafe Orleans.  It is a restaurant in the French Quarter.  The ambience is nice, with a great view of the Rivers of America and the Haunted House.  Check out the area:

It is a little pricey, so we often split entrees or eat there on a day when we are only eating one meal in the park.  But believe me, I have yet to meet anyone who can eat the entire Monte Cristo sandwich.  It is so rich, delicious, and huge that two people can easily split it and be satisfied.  The Monte Cristo sandwich is essentially a ham and cheese sandwich that is dipped in an egg batter and deep fried.  Yup.  You heard right.  Deep Fried.  It is served with jam and fruit.  I wanted to get a picture, but we ate it too fast.

Another winner here is the garlic fries.  The only rule: everyone needs to partake so you can continue to share company the rest of the day.  They are, as the name would imply, very garlicky.  They are served with a spicy fry sauce.  Yummy!

Another MUST ORDER item is the Mickey Mouse Beignets.  There are five in order, and they come hot and dusted with powdered sugar.  You get jam and a vanilla bean glaze on the side.  They are delicious and charming.  Kids can’t get over the shape!  And neither can I.

My kids love the Chicken Gumbo crepe as well, and the salmon sandwich I split with my husband was also quite good, but not a speciality like the Monte Cristo.  By the way, this Monte Cristo is the same sandwich they serve in the very pricey Blue Bayou restaurant, but here you get it for roughly half the price.

I think even if you just go split some fries and appetizers and an order of beignets, Cafe Orleans is definitely worth a visit while in the park.  How about you?  Do you have any dishes to recommend?  Where do you like to eat in Disneyland?


4 thoughts on “Cafe Orleans in Disneyland

    • I must admit–it is a pretty addicting place! It is somewhere we can go as a family and all have an equally great time (as opposed to dragging small children through art galleries).

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