Not really sure why it is called “Sheep Falls”

I am nearly in mourning.  It is almost the end of summer.  I am looking back at some of the things we have done, and wishing it could wait until December before it gets cold.  But the air is nippy, and the harvest is on.  That means cold bleakness is in store…..

But I digress.  There is so much to do here in the summer.  Here is a little hike that is a favorite of my kids. This hike was also memorable because this was the first time we took our puppy on a hike with us.  We have a eight month old Golden Retriever names Dante. Yes, Dante.  Mock me if you must, but our dog is so smart they collected his quotes and plastered them all over Florence, Italy.

Ha.  There.  I made an exceedingly nerdy travel joke.  Now that you know we have a dog named Dante you know were are king nerds.  Dante, right this very minute, is shredding a stick into tiny little bits.  He is that smart.

Here he is at the falls, a little tired and thirsty after his first hike:

He thinks he looks suave in a bandana

My son helping to leash train the puppy

To get to Sheep Falls, take highway 20 heading north from Ashton Idaho. After you cross the bridge over the Henry’s Fork, continue 6.4 mile to Sheep Falls Road to the right. (There used to be a sign but it has been knocked down and not yet repaired).

The reason I like this hike is because the terrain is challenging without being impossible.  Although my nine year old’s pace was slower, she did pretty well keeping up. It also is perfect because there is a pay-off:  the beautiful falls.  Because this hike is lesser known, and not in any state parks or forests, you can hike this trail and not run into another soul.   Once you arrive at the falls, you can sit and enjoy the sound of rushing water, a cool spray, and a spectacular view.

A view of the river

Sheep Falls does not have the tallest drop I have seen, but it is powerful.

This son giving me a heart attack, yet again

This hike is only about 1 1/2 miles round trip, so it makes for a lovely day hike.


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