Beauty in Small Places

In Tuscany there are rolling hills, wildflowers, birds, gardens, and trees everywhere. As we have driven from place to place it has been a pleasure to bask in the beauty of the Tuscan countryside.

And then, as we have visited cities like Rome and Florence, we have been privy to some of the most exquisite man-made God-inspired art and architecture to grace our lovely planet.

But the beauty does not end there. It seems that as a culture, the Italians have a love for the aesthetic and beautiful. You can see art everywhere–from a store window, to painted rocks, to hand-painted tiles, and lovingly cared for backyard gardens. I am afraid to say it, but it makes me feel like my neck of the woods is a bit drab. Of course I am also surrounded by much beauty at home, but it is more austere and raw. Here is is more cultivated. I hope you enjoy these examples. Bryce took these pictures in tiny towns that dot the tops of the hills in the Tuscan countryside.

A tiny country church in Lamole


A front door to an apartment in Casole d’Else


A street in Casole d’Else


Hand-painted tiles lining the city walls in Casole d’Else


Flag-lined street in Montereggio


Tiny market in Montereggio


Flower shop in Montereggio


Stairs to an apartment in Montereggio


Window in Montereggio


View of church in Montereggio


Even a garbage can in Lamole


Pastry shop in Lucca



The pastries we gobbled up in approximately 30 seconds flat


I hope, when I return home, I can remember that it is worth the extra effort it takes to do something not just efficiently, but beautifully too. Aesthetics matter!


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