Ode to Andrea

There once was a brave girl in Italy
Who had no clothes to cover her nakedy
Her luggage was lost
No matter who bossed
The airline was was lazy and stupidy.

Not an ode, you say?

I actually have no idea how to write an ode.

So I wrote a limerick instead.

My sister by marriage, technically my step sister, has been so brave. She is traveling with her darling baby, by herself, and had a horrific travel experience to get here. On her first flight, she had to change planes before take off because the front bathroom was broken. Then she was so late leaving that she nearly missed her connection in Philadelphia. She had to run at breakneck speed through the airport with four month old Ellie and all the baby gear. She finally arrived in Paris. Her luggage didn’t.

Horribly inconvenient, no? Even for a day this is the total pits. I don’t know what to call it now that she is going on Day Five.

Luckily, she prepared well for the baby and had several extra outfits. But of course she did not pack clothes for herself in the diaper bag.

She has been able to borrow clothes from her mom. She has been able to pick up a few necessities at the store. All great. But still such a hassle!

But through all this she has been so collected! And still so pleasant to be around!

Hence, I felt she deserved an ode. Or at least a limerick. Actually, she deserves a gold star!

No, I’ve got it.

She deserves her luggage.

Airline, get of your duff and get Andrea and Ellie their luggage.

The end.

PS–Here is Sweet Ellie



One thought on “Ode to Andrea

  1. Thar us so sweet – and way too kind. I’m just glad that part of our trip is over!!!! Hope you are having a blast in Padova & Venice… Andrea

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