Accommodations in Tuscany

We are traveling with my dad and his wife. When we travel with them we get to travel in style! Not so much when we travel by ourselves. We usually try to find the least expensive accommodations that won’t endanger our lives. We are not usually in our room except to sleep anyway. But I do have to admit that beautiful accommodations can really add to a trip. Soft, comfortable beds help you feel refreshed, and adequate bathrooms make getting out the door in the morning a snap. Plus for just a little while, you can pretend that your life is organized and typified by a never-ending supply of fresh, fluffy towels.

We are staying in an Exclusive Resorts villa in Tuscany. Our unit is about 25 minutes outside of Siena, out in the country. Literally. We had to drive on a winding unpaved road for about 15 minutes once we had already been in the country for nearly a half hour.

It is incredibly green here. The trees, rolling hills, and shrubs remind me very much of California where I grew up. I think California is the closest thing we have to a Mediterranean climate in the United States. This morning I was greeted by a chorus of singing birds. We are at the top of a hill, which provides exquisite views all over the valley. The greens I see are bright, with more yellow, filled with the promise of summer.

Our villa is a self contained Italian Hunting lodge that we get all to ourselves. The walls are made of cut stone, and the ceilings of exposed wood. Even the stairs are made of cut stone, and are quite rustic. We have a lovely pool to ourselves as well. Here is an outside view of our villa.


The inside is a combination of the rough stone with overstuffed chairs and easy elegance. Here are some interior pictures.



There are four full baths and one half bath. The bathrooms contain a variety of stone, marble, and tile. Our bathroom has a wall of cut windows. The fixtures are very modern and create an interesting visual juxtaposition with the rustic surroundings.


The kitchen makes me drool. It is so open! The sink is shallow and oversized, and the table in the middle has a marble top perfect for rolling pastries. There is a mammoth hutch crammed with dishes, and a very futuristic navy blue sub zero free standing fridge. Again, the modern flair with the rustic is very appealing to me. I am taking lots of pictures of the kitchen. It is giving me ideas.



What a lucky girl I am, to have this be my first introduction to Italy.


5 thoughts on “Accommodations in Tuscany

  1. How exciting!! So who all is traveling with you? I saw that Jacob was going. Will you be able to post pictures?

  2. Sorry, there were only a few sentences on the post when I made that other comment. Wow, look at that place!! It’s beautiful. We are like you, we find the cheapest safe place possible. But it sure does make the trip so much more fun when you’re in a nice place! I’m so excited to live this trip with you as it happens. 🙂

  3. Yes, I am still figuring out how to post things from my iPad. For about two seconds my blog post was just a few lines long becausse I accidentally published it before I was done. But I am getting the hang of it!

  4. And thanks Harmony, for looking! I know I have enjoyed reading your blog about your travel adventures! We really must come see you while you are in London, since I don’t think we will make it to Germany before you head out.

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