My new travel blog

I am very excited to be heading to Europe for the second time in just a few short weeks! I wanted a way to blog every day about my adventures and what I discover while on the road, so I have started a new blog with WordPress, so I can update from anywhere!

I keep a travel journal, but in that format it is difficult to keep thoughts and pictures organized. My plan is to update my blog on a daily basis with pictures taken while on my many adventures.

For this trip, we are staying in Siena, Italy. During out two weeks there, we are planning on several trips to Florence, Rome, Ravenna, and Venice.

I have not yet been to Italy and I am very much looking forward to seeing some of the most amazing art and architecture in the world. It will be a dream come true. Additionally, I will be with members of my family and that will be enjoyable as well.

The countdown begins! Less than two weeks until take off!


I am sure we will see plenty more ruins like this, especially in Rome. Don’t I look hot? A in sweaty? I loved visiting Athens, but I don’t think I would plan a trip there agin during August!


I would love to hear from you!

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